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At BK Grinding Consultants, quality is of utmost importance.  Our repeat clients are proof of the level of service we provide.   Not all blades require the same level of service, and our team of experts can identify which process is needed to extend the life of each blade.

Our protocol includes quality control measures to ensure your sharpening and grinding standards are met.


We work on your timeline, and can modify the service schedule per your business needs.   BK Grinidng services your parts completely in-house, so there is no additional time lost in shipping to outside providers.

To minimize turnaround time, we offer pick up and delivery, contact us for more info regarding this.

Bottom Line

BK Grinding understands that your return on investment is a determining factor in choosing an industry partner you can count on.  Our team of experts have the knowledge to service your parts and tools while minimizing cost, allowing us to pass that savings onto our clients.  Just try us and see for yourself.

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