Tire Recycling Industry

Shredder Blades

2-Hook SSI Blade - Rotary Shredder


Tire shredders come in various shapes and sizes.  Sharpening blades requires skill and precision.  The team of experts at BK Grinding Consultants know exactly what is needed to get more life out of your blades.  

Sharpened Blade (After)

Our process provides durability and longevity to your blades.  Quality control measurements are performed to ensure specifications are met on every job.

Dull Blade (Before)

Upon arrival all blades are inspected by our team to determine the treatment process that is needed.  This allows for customized service to each blade per set.

CM Blades

Restored CM Blades Tire Shredders

Columbus McKinnon Knives

Resharpen your CM Blades to maximize equipment life. (sharpened blades shown)